why choose us?


We deliver up-to-the-second live coverage of ‘just breaking’ market-moving news. We select only the most relevant headlines and broadcast them faster than any other service to give our clients the competitive edge.



We provide a relatively low-cost, effective news service which is designed to supplant some of the more expensive services. It would cost tens of thousands of pounds per month for an individual institution to replicate our setup.



We have over one hundred years of collective experience amongst our senior staff. We are always available to offer information and analysis, and draw on a vast list of external contacts to provide information you will not hear elsewhere.



Traders’ eyes are usually fixed on their screens; the only sense under-utilised is their hearing. If you are making a trade, a ‘heads up’ for significant events and our ability to vocally stress the importance of the news has proved invaluable for our customers.



In the current financial crisis, markets have become highly correlated and are almost entirely driven by news, not fundamentals. Our analysts are able to anticipate movement in a particular market having observed another asset class react to a particular headline, thus alerting you before the market has even moved.