the squawk

The Live Squawk team monitors feeds from all major newswires and other media services to alert you to important headlines with market-moving potential. Unique to our service, we also investigate the stories behind the headlines so that you can better understand the breaking news and therefore better assess the market implications.

We use trusted sources, blogs and social media platforms to keep you aware of market rumours that are being treated seriously by the markets, which we then seek to confirm or deny. For expected data or speakers, we give a 10 minute ‘heads up’, 3 minute rundown, and a 1 minute, 30 and 10 second countdown before the data release or announcement.


We deliver the audio service in two ways:



We deliver the squawk primarily through our real-time internet streaming service which works in a similar way to BBC iPlayer. The online service uses Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) which was designed for high-performance transmission of audio, video, and data between Adobe Flash Platform technologies, including Adobe Flash Player. Live Squawk’s player requires at least Flash Player version 10, and we recommend our users keep up to date with Flash Player updates.



We are the only squawk service to offer our clients the option of receiving broadcasts through dealerboards. Provisioned through IPC, this is the fastest and most reliable form of delivery for larger institutions. The squawk is delivered directly to the traders’ dealerboards, giving them the flexibility to adjust personal settings whilst additionally making it easier to deploy the service company-wide.