headlines and reports


All the major headlines we broadcast are published on our website for your referral if you just missed a ‘squawk’ or need to catch up on the day’s events. Our scrolling headline feed covers market-pertinent news, flow, rumour, links to interesting articles and links to our in-house reports. This is a valuable resource for all of our members and complements our audio service well.


The in-house reports are written by the Live Squawk analysts who preview the most important economic data, major events and company earnings so that our members know what to expect. The reports are always available the evening before. Our research is extensive, particularly in terms of the range of sources we use, from banks’ research reports to reliable newspaper articles. We collate as much information to demonstrate as many views as possible whilst also incorporating our own take on the situation.


Live Squawk also provides its members with:

  • Comprehensive daily and weekly figure sheets identifying the most important economic data and events; and
  • Morning, afternoon and evening emails highlighting the top news stories and commentary of the day.


Example report:

• Open example Special Report in new window