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Our journalists and analysts monitor all major newswires, television channels, news websites, blogs and social media platforms for content with market-moving potential. We only broadcast the most relevant news headlines that you need to know.


Our analysis and insights rival any of our competitors.


We broadcast 24 hours a day from Europe and Asia, Sunday through Friday (except for selected UK holidays).
Commentary covers all the main asset classes, including equities, fixed income, FX and commodities.

LS Macro Pricing

£250.00 + VAT* per user, per month


Full audio news service, providing up-to-the-second news headlines via the broadcast player and scrolling headline news feeds.

Included within the package:


  • Coverage Of Major G20 Data Releases and Geopolitical News
  • Previews For Major Market Events (Non-Farm Payrolls, Interest Rate Decisions, etc.)
  • Fixed Income News, Government & Corporate Debt Supply Announcements 
  • Forex News, Option Expiries, Barriers & Key Breakout Levels 
  • Earnings Previews For Top Weighted Index Companies 
  • Advanced Equity News Analytics Information Portal Daily 
  • Morning, Afternoon & Evening Written Reports
  • Dynamic ‘Global’ Economic Calendar


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Our audience spans the globe, relying on us to filter out the noise to deliver accurate, reliable and timely news



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