US Durable Goods Oct - Review
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Overall orders for durable goods –items due to last three years or more – rose more than the expected 0.1pct. This figure fell 1.4pct in the prior month. Demand for transportation equipment gained 0.7pct after collapsing 3.2pct in September. Orders for non-defence aircraft and parts increased 10.7pct in October.



Orders for non-defence capital goods excluding aircraft rose far more than the expected drop of 0.3pct, and by the most since January. Last month’s data was revised up by one-tenth to show orders declining 0.5pct.



Core capital goods accelerated on a year-on-year basis whilst shipments of core capital goods increased 0.8pct in October. The latter fell by a revised 0.8pct in September, having previously been reported to have fallen 0.7pct.