European Briefing - Thursday 13.08
  • Fed's Daly: Little Evidence Jobless Benefits Discouraging Work
  • US Tsy Sec: Dems Not Interested In Negotiating On Virus Aid
  • US Speaker Pelosi Rebuffs Mnuchin ‘Overture’ In Relief Limbo
  • US Ups France, Germany Heat With Tariffs in Airbus Dispute
  • US Sends Three Stealth Bombers To Counter Chinese Threat
  • US Deficit Totals $2.8Tln From October As Spending Triples
  • Trump Discusses Replacing Defense Sec Esper Post Election
  • EU Calls For Intensified Efforts To Solve US Trade Disputes
  • UK Cuts Virus Deaths With 28-Day Limit For Positive Tests
  • UK Chancellor Told To Safeguard Recovery Or Watch It Fail
  • UK Considers Adding France To Coronavirus Quarantine List
  • Mexico And Argentina Agree To Produce AstraZeneca Vaccine
Standoff Over Covid Relief Could Drag Into September

White House officials and top Democratic leaders signalled on Wednesday that they can’t agree on what they said to each other, much less forge a compromise, on a Covid-19 relief bill to help the battered US economy or tens of millions of Americans facing financial hardship.


The high-stakes stalemate now appears likely to drag on for weeks, or even into September, according to lawmakers and aides in both parties. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin reached out to House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Schumer Wednesday to meet, after nearly a week of no in-person meetings.


But in a statement, the two top Democrats on Capitol Hill said there’s no reason for further discussions at this point since the White House isn’t changing positions on numerous policy fights that have stalled the talks. (Politico - Continue Reading)

US Holds Off On Threatened Tariff Hike In EU Airbus Fight

The US has said it will hold off a threatened hike in tariffs on $7.5bn worth of EU and UK goods that it imposed as punishment for subsidies for plane-maker Airbus. The move comes as the two sides wrestle to put to an end their 16-year trade battle over state aid for Airbus and American rival Boeing.


The US last year raised border taxes on more than 100 items, including jumpers, single-malt whiskies, and cheese. It has said the EU has not done enough.


"The EU and member states have not taken the actions necessary to come into compliance with WTO decisions," America's top trade official, Robert Lighthizer, said on Wednesday. "The United States, however, is committed to obtaining a long-term resolution to this dispute. (BBC - Continue Reading)

Accuracy Of US Virus Data Questioned In Testing Shortage

For the first time in months, the daily growth of new coronavirus cases in the US has steadily fallen over the past two weeks, giving some hope to US officials who proclaimed there were “signs of progress” in Southern states that were hit particularly hard.


“No one’s declaring victory,” Adm. Brett Giroir, an assistant secretary at HHS, told reporters on a July 30 conference call. “We continue to see signs of progress across the Sun Belt and diffusely throughout the country.”


But testing shortages in key states and other gaps in Covid-19 data call into question the accuracy of those numbers and whether the outbreak in the US is really improving or whether cases are simply going undiagnosed, epidemiologists say. (CNBC - Continue Reading)

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